Mr. Stephen Francis
joined the business in 2006. He was only supposed to watch the store in case somebody wanted services.Instead he shared secrets from his native country, Trinidad .Things about healing not written in books. A Natural Healer in his own right, he began to play in the sandbox with the other healers.  When listening to his customers talk about their wounds and woes he made them “A little of this and a little of that. “Trini “as he is affectionately known would cook meals “from scratch on days when we had long training sessions. He also prepared the meals for the “Spa Packages and “Time Out” parties for Care Providers”Stephen is also well known for the Caribbean food he cooks as the Owner of  Trinikim Food for the Soul on Wednesdays (located at the Farmers Market in Druid Hill Park)  As a former Nurse (In the Nursing Home) Stephen functions as the hands on instructor for geriatric care, tube feeding and other Personal Care Services to our Assisted Living Care Providers. He is the”Foot Care Nurse” providing foot care to clients with medical conditions or the physically challenged. Stephen also provides wound care to clients with a physician’s order. His  clients sit long after their services, not wanting to even stand on their brand new feet


Scarlette Hunt
A former Student of KimEase, Scarlette is the Personal Administrative Assistant to our Founder. She brings with her the rich influence of her Native American Heritage the Lumbee Tribe. Scarlette works tirelessly to keep the office organized and running smoothly. Having once practiced the Art of being a Care Provider in the Assisted Living Community she is invaluable to our care providers. Scarlette understands the complex Medical / Mental health needs of the clients and concerns of the caregiver.