Healthcare Training & Wellness

  • Assisted Living / DDA Initial Medication Technician Certification
  • Medication Technician Training Program
  • Medication Technician Certification Renewal
  • MSDE Medication Administration Training for Daycare Providers
  • Independent Assisted Living Consultations & Deficiency Corrections
  • Phlebotomy Training Certification
  • Emergency Disaster Training
  • Tube Feeding
  • Personal Care / ADL Training
  • Initial & Review  ( American Heart Association  & American Red Cross Certification)
  • BLS for Health Care Providers
  • Basic First Aid / CPR ( lay rescuers (non-healthcare)
  • ServeSafe Food Safety Program
  • Annual Assisted Living Courses  Other Staff — Qualifications Fire and life safety, including the use of fire extinguishers; Infection control, including standard precautions, contact precautions, and hand hygiene; Basic food safety Emergency disaster plans
     Basic CPR /First Aid

    Have training or experience in:

    (a) The health and psychosocial needs of the population being served as appropriate to their
    job responsibilities

    (b) The resident assessment process

    (c) The use of service plans

    (d) R​esident’s rights