About Us

KimEase Holistic Assisted Living Nurse Consultant, Healthcare Training & Wellness Services, Inc.

Began in the basement of Nurse Entrepreneur, Kim Bryant –Washington’s home (around 1999)

It was not planned. It just happened “She just didn’t feel like getting another job outside the home  while caring for her 3.5 children”. The founder was the sole provider for her family. During that time she worked a Full-time job 7am-3:30 pm, Monday thru Friday

Kim practiced her skills at home for “tips and donations with every school she attended [Massage, Esthetician (Skin Care Therapist),Nail Technician, CPR/ First Aid Instructor and Energy Medicine]  It was during these sessions that her children sat quietly upstairs with menus, ready to order food from the local store (as soon as she gave the signal that the sessions were ended and the client gone from the premises.). One of her children always whispered “No checks ma, just cast cash for service”

One day she heard about the Assisted Living Medication Training Program. It was taught at the Maryland Board of Nursing ( by the Board of Nursing ) the rest was history. As she gained knowledge about the Assisted Living Industry, Kim realized that both the Care Provider & the Client needed services. After all she understood what it was like to Function a family and a Professional Caregiver. She had been a Professional Registered Nurse and Caregiver to her Severely Medically Fragile grandchild, Middle aged, and Senior family member.

What a thought, to be a “Care provider to the Care provider”. However, it was not as easy as she thought. No longer t was she the on-call holistic practitioner, she was the Owner. How about the bill payer, and sometimes the one that went home with no money. In the beginning, Kim was sometimes afraid that she would not be able to pay both her rent at home and have enough money to pay for the day spa. But that day job, she did not quit and God made a way.